Tech and eCommerce Copywriter


Hi, I’m Daniel Okoli ,a freelance B2B content writer based in Newcastle, UK. I create content on tech and eCommerce topics.

Need content that engages your readers, drives traffic and gets you more business? Then let me be your tech copywriter.

getting quality it content isn't easy

Many can write. But finding a writer who combines writing expertise and technical know-how? Boy, that’s tough.  Fortunately, you’ve come to the right person!

Whatever your content needs are, I offer a fresh breath of flair and 100% premium content.

Still wondering if i'm the best writer for you?

Here’s what I bring to the table:

Boring, recycled copy is a no X

Like you, I know the value of original, well-written and engaging content.  

Before working with you, I will study your business thoroughly to understand your values, products, and services. This way, I can create content that is a right fit for your business. 

If there ever was a technophile 😀

Started out with an advanced diploma in Software Engineering. Two STEM degrees and several tech & eCommerce certifications later, I’m now a certified UX researcher. 

This is to say: I’m at home with tech, jargon and all. My background allows me to grasp and break down complex info into relatable content. So if you want someone who gets it when it comes to technology, then I’m your guy.

With over ten years under the belt in the multi-sector tech marketing industry, I understand how customers think. What this means for you is that I can adapt your message perfectly for your target market. No cookie cutter approach here.


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